Bright Lights Conferences

Bright Lights Video Conference in Lilydale

Twenty plus mothers and daughters joined us in Lilydale over the weekend for the Radiant Purity Video Conference. DSC05737

The sessions for the conference were recorded at a live Radiant Purity Conference.


Each one was accompanied by singing.


We also had small group times for discussion.

Sophia’s team of 12-13 year olds

Thank you to all my small group leaders! You did a fantastic job!

Rachel’s team of 14-16 year olds
My team of 10-11 year olds

We received many positive responses from both the girls and the mums. One mum told me that the conference was just what her daughter needed at this time in her life. Another mum is thinking about starting a Bright Lights group with her daughters. Another mum told me how encouraging the hour of prayer was. One girl made a commitment to read her Bible every day. Another girl committed to spend time with the Lord every day. Another girl decided to save her ‘firsts’ for her wedding day. A girl in my team said that she hadn’t thought about taking thoughts captive before, but that she was going to work on that. Others made commitments to guard their hearts and stay under their parents protection.

Praise the Lord for the ways He is working down here, and for the young ladies He is raising up to be strong for Him. Please continue to pray for the girls as they return home and seek to apply the things they have learned.

“The LORD hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad!” – Psalm 126:3

(You can click here to see a report on the Bright Lights Conferences held here four years ago on Grace Mally’s blog.)

2 thoughts on “Bright Lights Video Conference in Lilydale

    1. Hi Sarah!!

      I’m sorry I’m only just replying to this now but I guess you know why!
      Thank you for your comment. It was a blessing to be able to host this conference. Yes, praise the Lord for all that He did. 😀

      I miss you all too and hope you can come back someday. 🙂
      Much love in Jesus,


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